Christina Escort Model Cologne

Escortservice Cologne

Escort Category GOLD
Available in Dusseldorf, Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, worldwide
Age 24 years
Height 174 cm
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
BH-Cup 75D
Dress 36
Weight 60 kg
Smoking Tolerant Nonsmoker
Cuisine Italien, Chinese
Drinks Gin Tonic, White Wine
Parfüm Kilian, Dior Addicted
Flowers Roses
Interests Sports, reading, playing the violin
Language English, German
Characteristics Lovable, cosmopolitan, humorous
Travel costs

Frankfurt: € 120, Hannover: € 200, Hamburg: €200,
Berlin: € 200, Munich: € 250

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My escort fees:

Gold Fee

2 hours [Private Date] 500 Euro
3 hours [Private Date] 650 Euro
4 hours [Private Date] 800 Euro
6 hours [Private Date] 1.000 Euro
8 hours [Private Date] 1.200 Euro
12 hours [Private Date] 1.500 Euro
24 hours [Private Date] 2.000 Euro
1 extra day [Private Date] 950 Euro

An interview of Escort Model Christina Dusseldorf

What excites you about the escort business?

Getting to know and love the world and all the different facets of people.

Your motto in life?

If not now when?

What do you like doing in your spare time?

I love playing the violin, it's a real passion!

Describe yourself in three words

I am absolutely loyal, I am very spontaneous and always in a good mood.

Two compliments that you hear often? And which one means more to you?

I often get compliments for my open smile and long legs. I'm happy about both.

What is really important in life to you?

My family and friends are incredibly important to me.